2023-06-22 Labyrinth. Version 0.71

Download the 3 level demo.

Magic Spellbook and spells.

2023-05-31 Labyrinth. Version 0.6

Minor bug fixes.

2023-04-14 Labyrinth. Version 0.5

More items, magic, and more traps.

2023-03-14 Labyrinth. Version 0.45

A better map. More items, magic, and more inventory player slots.

Known bug!
Sometimes when killing an enemy it will not disapear. Just save and load the game to make the enemy go away.

The old savefile doesn't work whith this demo. Just start a new game, save and overwrite the old file..

Labyrinth. A retro pixel dungeon crawler.

My pair of 1939 World's fair saturn lamps.

1939 World's fair saturn lamp aka Twin Peaks lamp. Downloadable 3D Model. Easy to use when creating a 3D printed replica.

Download Blender-file
Download stl-files